Post-Op Instructions for Dental Implants

Please read the following instructions carefully. Following these instructions is essential to achieve a successful result. Also, following these instructions will help make your post-operative course more comfortable and will help to avert any un-necessary complications.


After leaving the office, rest and avoid strenuous activities for the remainder of the day and tomorrow. Keep your head elevated (extra pillow) the first two nights after the operation.


Moderate discomfort is expected for the next few days. If necessary, take the pain medication that has been prescribed. Take only as directed. If these do not restore comfort, please call the office.


Expect some swelling. It may take 3-4 days before it reaches a maximum. Bruising may also occur. Immediately after the surgery, ice packs should be applied to the outside of the face over the area of surgery. Apply for 20 minutes, remove for 20 minutes. Repeat this alternating procedure for the first day only.


Slight bleeding may continue for up to 24 hours or so. This is not unusual and is no cause for alarm. Rinsing the mouth interferes with clotting of the blood, so do not rinse vigorously the first evening. If excessive bleeding occurs, it may be stopped by biting continuously for 30-45 minutes on a wet roll of gauze dressing (firm compression). Sitting quietly in an upright position will also aid in the control of bleeding. If these measures do not succeed, call the office.


A slight fever is usual for a day or so following any surgical procedure. Fever may be caused by inadequate fluid intake as well. An adult should consume 8-12 glasses of fluid each day. If an antibiotic was prescribed, be sure to take it as directed. If a fever seems prolonged or excessive, do not hesitate to call the office.

Alcohol and Smoking — Absolutely Prohibited for First 2-Weeks

Alcoholic beverages can close down blood vessels and destroy blood clots. Smoking is an irritant to healing tissues and will also close down blood vessels. Both will retard healing.


Dentures may not be worn over the surgical area during the first 10 days. After that period, old dentures may not be worn until refitting adjustments (relining) have been made by your dentist. Insertion of dentures too early may jeopardize successful healing.

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Oral Hygiene

After today, rinse several times daily with warm salty water, especially after eating (Do not rinse the mouth vigorously the day of the surgery). Specific mouth rinses or other disinfectants should not be used unless prescribed for this period. If you have some of your own natural teeth, Do not brush your teeth this first day of surgery. After the first day, brush your teeth normally, but be very careful to stay away from the area of the surgery. Do not touch the surgical area.


Only soft foods should be consumed for the first 5 days, to avoid trauma to the surgical sites. After that, you may advance your diet as tolerated. If you have no teeth, only liquids may be consumed during the first 5 days. Semi-liquid (mashed) food may be added to the diet after the 5th day.

A good diet is essential for adequate healing. A good intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins can be obtained from various food supplements such as Sego, Ensure and Nutrament. Egg nogs, milk shakes and various instant breakfast preparations are also good. During the second week, the following soft foods require little chewing while providing necessary nutrients: soup, jello, eggs, cereal, baby foods, ground meats, cheese, custard, ice cream, milk.

You will feel better, have more strength, less pain and heal faster, if you make sure to continue to get good nutrition


If you have any questions, or if there is any sign of a problem related to the surgery, please call the office.

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