Post-Op Instructions for Extraction with Bone Graft & Glue Stitch

Bone Graft & Glue Stitch

  • The extraction site is filled with the bone graft material
  • The graft is covered with a hard, thin disc of lavender colored glue stitch
  • The glue will come out in the next few days
  • This is NOT the graft – This is NOT a problem!


Since the socket is filled with the graft and covered with glue, bleeding is usually minimal and does NOT require gauze. If bleeding persists, you may moisten a gauze pad with cold water and bite gently for ½ hour

Day of Procedure

NO rinsing, smoking, spitting, brushing, or using straws.

Minimize Swelling:

  • Apply ice to the outside of the face at the surgical site. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off – ALL DAY!
  • Swelling peaks 3-4 days AFTER surgery.

Cool, Soft Diet:

  • Yogurt, pudding, applesauce, Jamba Juice (no seeds), ice cream…

Starting Tomorrow

Do not smoke or use straws 4-5 days after your procedure.

Good Oral Hygiene

  • Use the soft post-surgical toothbrush we gave you to brush the teeth around the surgery site; brush other teeth with a regular toothbrush (NO electric toothbrush or water pik around the surgical site until the follow-up).
  • Use warm salt water soaks at surgical site 2-3x a day until healed.


  • Eat warmer, still soft foods – Eggs, soup, pasta, mash potatoes, etc.
  • Avoid hard, crunchy foods such as seeds, popcorn, nuts, or chips for 3-4 weeks until the area fully heals.

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